AURO-0020 IPL hair removal machine problem analysis
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October 30, 2017
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November 20, 2017

AURO-0020 IPL hair removal machine problem analysis

For the IPL hair removal machine arrived customer’s office, we received a problem for it as the following photo:

IPL hair removal

The water tap labes has a red X, for this problem, our engineer said there are maybe three reasons:

  1. we need to make sure the pump is working good, please disconnect the handpiece to machine, and then we can start the machine, the water will flow out from the hole at the connection. as the following video showing. If the pump is not working, we need to replace the pump. If the pump is working, the hose may blocked or folded.
  2. we need to check water circuilation. If the hose block or folded, the X will appear. Please watch the video as below: (we need to open the machine from the back, and check the inner hose, if you can not found any problem, please take some photos or video for us. Our engineer will check them carefully.)
  3. We can check the water monitor, if the wire here peeled off, the X will appear as well, please check the video. (The important tips notice again :” Please take a video or some photos for us, Our engineer will try to find out the problem from those information. We solved many problems according to the customers’ videos and photos. This is the best way to solve inernational machines problems.”)IPL hair removal


At last, if you found eveything is good, such as the photo as below,IPL machine

If the light can flahing, and both sides of the metel freezing as well. but the warning non stop ringing. It means that everything works good, then we would like to cancel the “X” on the touch screen, we can change the setting and let it quiet and cancel the “X” as following steps,  ( Please make sure the water circulation is working good before you do this.)

1). Find the setting on the Touch screen

IPL machine

2) input the pass word ” 1234″

IPL machine

3) Find out the ” water ” setting ” On” or “Off”

IPL hair removal IPL hair removal

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