AURO-0024 How to adjust the ultrasonic cavitation machine AU-41
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December 6, 2017
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AURO-0024 How to adjust the ultrasonic cavitation machine AU-41

For the Cavitation probes, they have their own frequency, every new probe connect with to the main machine, we need to adjust the frequency, so that it cavitation probe reach the same frequency as the machine.

The video is showing the method to adjust the ultrasonic cavitation machine AU-41.

First we should put some water on the probe, so that we can see the vibration of the ultrasonic. ( some customer put some sugar on it, this is not the best idea, as the sugar will vibration in very low level, if in a higher level, may be all the sugar leave the surface of the probe. )

Then start the machine, and press the start/pause buttom for three second, when all the light is on, your finger need to leave the buttom as soon as possible. Or you need to do it again.

If the machine entered the adjustment model, we can press the two button up and down to find the strongest ponit. If you found the top cavitation, then stop the machine.

The operation as below:


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