July 11, 2017

AU-61 vacuum ultrasound cavitation and air cavitation sucking and release adjustment

The AU-61 with 5 functions, Tripollar RF, Four pollar RF, six pollar, ultrasound cavitation and Vacuum RF air sucking and release. For the Vacuum adjustment, some customers has some problem on it. The original sucking time is 0.3 second, and the release time is 0.3 second as well.  The machine […]
July 8, 2017

AU-S545 body hair removal tattoo removal laser doing treatment at the same time

Item number: AU-S545 functions: body hari removal, tattoo removal laser, OPT hair removal, RF treatment Using: THe AU-S545 have two touch screen, the upper one is controlling the RF and OPT function, is can use on body slimming, RF skin tightning.  The small touch screen is for tattoo removal laser […]
July 7, 2017

AU-59C body sculpting big cryolipolysis handpiece

Item: AU-59C touch screen big cryolipolysis handpiece Material: ABS, Aluminum, size of the probe:6.5cm*17cm Functions: vacuum sucking, release, cooling Please Email us for more information or Add whatsapp: +8615920595182
July 6, 2017

8204 natural breast enlargement cups for cupping as well.

This breast enlargement cups for breast lift and natural breast enlargement, it is unsurgery, no chemical component. It is only pump sucking. As usual, our breast emlargement machine AU-8204 with three pair cups, the diameter is 12cm, 14cn, 16cm. They enough for some common customers. Some customers like use this machine for […]
July 6, 2017

AU-7003 9pair tens electrodes and E-bags electronic muscle stimulator EMS machine for body slimming

This is EMS machine AU-7003, this is the new case without item number on it, and on the front, there is a small empty spare for making logos. THis machine not the same as other EMS machine, such as AU-800S with ten electrodes, this machine with a E-bags, the E-bag […]
July 4, 2017

AU-40 cavitation machine video on the ultrasonic cavitation probes

This video is on the intensity on ultrasonic cavitation probes, we put some water on it, it will like some water inside the fat. This strong power will crack the fat water. That is why most of the customers reply us, that like the cavitation machine more than lipo laser, […]
July 3, 2017

AU-38C radiofrequency skin tightening with tripollar four pollar six pollar rf machine

For the radiofrequency skin tightening, in the multipollar rf machine, we have three with tripollar four pollar six pollar, AU-38, AU-38A and AU-38B, and this three machines are with single probe. Some customers order AU-38 tripollar RF machine, they like to order four pollar RF as well, but if order AU-38A four […]
June 30, 2017

AU-018 high frequency facial glass with two colors comparation beauty equipment

Suitable Item: AU-006, AU-018, AU-808, AU-8208 name: High frequency facial beauty equipment Color : Orange and purple material: ABS, Copper, metail, glass Remote Air input: Neon and Argon Comparation: Two kinds of glass put into the high frequency generator, it will showing two different colors. Please Email us for more information or Add […]
June 28, 2017

8205 three probes ultrasonic therapy ultrasonic treatment anti aging for great sonic

Item number: AU-8205 Item name: three probes ultrasonic therapy ultrasonic treatment anti aging Logo: Make logo for customer with “Great sonic” Functions: beauty salon use face lifting, nutriction injection Please Email us for more information or Add whatsapp: +8615920595182
June 23, 2017

Q switch for IPL equipment ipl laser hair removal beauty equipment

This switch use on some powerful machine, with good quality, mainly use on IPL equipment, ipl laser hair removal beauty equipment, it can stop the machine very soon. Color: Red material: ABS, copper Size: 4cm*4cm*10cm   Please Email us for more information or Add whatsapp: +8615920595182