AU-011 Portable Ultrasonic EMS infrared body slimming beauty equipment
AU-012 ultrasonic device photon led skin rejuvenation face massage beauty equipment
March 28, 2017
Au-009 Mini Ultrasonic wrinkle removal beauty instrument
March 28, 2017
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AU-011 Portable Ultrasonic EMS infrared body slimming beauty equipment

AU-011 Portable Ultrasonic EMS infrared body slimming beauty equipment

Quick Details

  • Operation System: Ultrasonic
  • Place of Origin: Guangdong, China (Mainland)
  • Brand Name: AURO
  • Model Number: AU-011
  • Voltage: 110V/220V 50-60Hz
  • Power: 9W
  • Ultrasonic Frequency: 1Mhz
  • Utrasonic: Yes
  • Infrared: Yes
  • EMS: Yes
  • Warranty: 1 year
  • Key word: Body Massager 1MHz Ultrasonic

– Removes wrinkles, pimples and spots
– Clears, lightens, smoothes the look of skin
– Enhances blood circulation
– Enhances skin texture, decreases wrinkles, helps fight fatty areas
– Tightens and firms the skin texture
– Deep cleanses and moisturizes
– Improves elasticity
– Minimizes pores

Cure for Acne—- When infrared light is used for the treatment of acne, ATP (adenosine triphosphate, molecular, cellular metabolic processes in the chemical energy transfer) of the skin cells are activated to kill the bacteria present in the pores of the skin in order to achieve skin inflammation and cure acne.

Chronic Pain Relief—- When infrared light is under tender scene management, taut muscles will relax and the pain relieved. It helps relieve arthritis, neck pain, and muscle stiffness caused by chronic pain. Moreover, infrared relieves the nerve bundle to stimulate the pituitary gland to release endorphins in the body. The endorphins are often referred to as “natural painkillers”. With the release of endorphins, the pain is a natural ease.

Healing Diabetic Wounds—- Since diabetic patients have low levels of nitric oxide in their blood, their insulin-dependent blood vessels  becomes less sensitive to nitric oxide, which causes a long-time-recovery in the case of external injury. Infrared light promotes the release of nitric oxide, thereby improving blood flow. Due to the enhancement of blood circulation, wounds are healing at a faster speed.

Adjusting Blood Pressure—- High blood pressure can lead to life-threatening diseases such as heart attack and stroke. Infrared applications increase our blood circulation, which helps to adjust blood pressure.

Features  : 
– Portable
– Easy-to-use
– Space-saving design
– Adjustable intensity level power control
– Non-invasive
– Warranty

Ultrasound was developed in medicine, but more recently applied in beauty. With its triple-impact effectiveness, it brings surprising innovation to beauty care. It’s an exciting yet simple and powerfully effective tool to rejuvenate your skin. Ultrasound uses the cutting-edgetechnology of very high-speed, low-frequency sound waves that radiate invisible micro vibrations deep within cells, helping stimulate the skin’s natural repair mechanisms in distinct ways. Ultrasonic utilizes sonic vibrations; it works one million times per second. Ultrasound provides non-surgical lifting. The ultrasonic wave could stimulate skin tissue and improve permeability of the membrane to promote collagen tissue, reduce wrinkles, erase fine lines, lift the skin and result for a younger, healthier look. Ultrasonic generates frictional heat, which accelerates blood circulation, muscle relaxation, and decomposes the cellulite to break down excess fat. Ultrasound treatments are non-invasive, safe and suitable for all types of skin. Everyone can enjoy the benefits of this new and advance beauty technology.

In only 10-15 minutes daily, you’ll experience dynamic changes in the look of your face: your skin will appear more youthful, smooth and healthy with the technology of ultrasonic. Ultrasonic massage reaches deeply into the skin. Ultrasound Beauty Massagers produce micro-vibrations, which are often used to help stimulate the body’s recovery from illness and injury. Although invisible to the eye and undetectable by our skin, micro-vibrations can also reach fats that have built up in areas such as the lower abdomen, hips, thighs, calves or double chin in order to achieve slimming.

Electrical Muscle Stimulation (EMS)
The Electrical
Muscle Stimulator produces micro-currents via the electrodes. It impulses the motor nerves so that the targeted muscle groups have to exercise passively in the way of expanding and contracting. The EMS therapy can enhance the metabolism by improving blood circulation. It enhances the muscle strength, endurance, and reduces fat. It helps to remove toxin and relieve pain, too. EMS has been widely used in physical therapy, fitness training, and beauty rejuvenation recently.

EMS Muscle Stimulator is used to build muscle to improve its strength and promote its size. A frequently asked question is whether the EMS machine would make the muscle bulk up like a weight-lifting athlete or even like King Kong. And the answer is definitely NO. It is because the muscle has its limit in size and strength in growing. And the EMS muscle stimulation treatment can help to achieve the maximum strength and maximum size, but not over the limit. Why does this limit exist? It depends on the muscle fibers that compose the muscle. But you can completely break the muscle limit. The method is to do Weight Training. The weight training can improve the muscle fiber’s strength resistance. Muscle fibers have to grow and strengthen to fit the resistance. Accordingly, the muscle size and strength are improved to become bigger and stronger. EMS muscle stimulation treatment will help with the muscle fiber contraction to fit the resistance, and then muscle is toned. Once the muscle has adapted to the weight training resistance, the muscle size and strength will not increase anymore, and the EMS treatment will just keep the muscle toned. However, once the weight training is increased in resistance, the muscle fibers have to grow and strengthen again to fit the new increased resistance. And the EMS treatment will start to boost the muscle fiber contraction again to promote the muscle strength and the size. This cycle will keep going. Therefore, the conclusion is that no increase in weight training, no muscle size, or strength breakthrough boosted, but the EMS treatment will keep toning the muscle. Meanwhile, muscle size and strength are also related to testosterone level and steroids ingestion.

During normal exercise, our brain sends a message to our muscles telling them to contract; this is a voluntary action. With the EMS Body Toning machines, this same message is sent from the program of our fully computerised machine, which in turn, contracts and relaxes the muscle; this is called an involuntary muscle action.

EMS also helps dieting and weight loss. It can also prevent your body from being weak, damaged, or flabby. For the slimming clients, EMS can increase body temperature, heart rate and metabolism, which promotes energy and fat absorption from the body. Consistent use of the muscles requires the burning of calories. The more the slimming machine is used, the more calories and fat are burned away. Stimulating the body’s natural fat burning and toning processes with EMS Body Toning machines helps to keep your body firm and healthy.

Infrared is electromagnetic radiation in which wavelength is longer than visible light, but shorter than radio waves. It is invisible to the naked eye, but the heat effect can be felt. Radiation is everywhere, like from the sun, fire and even a light bulb. We perceive them as heat. For the infrared, it can penetrate 2-3 cm deep into surface of our skin. Another notable feature of the infrared light is that it has all the benefits of the natural sunlight without the harmful effects of solar radiation.

Working Principle of Infrared Light Therapy :
Infrared light therapy is a form of phototherapy that can be directly applied in body treatment. No medicines are involved in this treatment. No body injury or painful feelings are involved in the treatment, either. When the infrared light penetrates into skin’s surface, it promotes the release of nitric oxide. It can also relax blood vessels in order to prevent the formation of blood clots. Therefore, blood circulation can be improved. As more and more blood reaches the damaged tissues, the supply of oxygen and nutritional value are increased. In this way, the infrared light ensures that the damaged tissues are healing at a fast speed.

Uses of Infrared Light Therapy :
Infrared light can be used for different skin treatments, from minor problems like acne to serious ailments like chronic arthritic pain or high blood pressure.

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