Whether IPL hair removal treatment can instead the ND yag laser Black doll treatment?
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August 22, 2017
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August 24, 2017

Whether IPL hair removal treatment can instead the ND yag laser Black doll treatment?

There is a Japanese customer who purchased our AU-S200 IPL hair removal machine, mainly for hair removal treatment. The other function called black doll treatment, cover a lay of black carbon on the face, we use the AU-S545 ND yag laser function to clean the black carbon. One day this customer saw the other beauty salon using IPL function on the face to clean his face painted black carbon.

However the customer also go back to follow that operation, the results of the face appeared burns.

IPL hair removal IPL hair removal

Customers have contacted us and asked if we can do so, but we have not conducted such a test, we do not recommend customers to operation as this. IPL and laser principles are different after all. This ND Yag laser on the black carbon responsive, and soon will break up the carbon, if you accidentally shoot on the skin, there will be no scars left. However, if the IPL work on the skin directly and without gel protection, it is easy to leave a red blot or injury.

But our Japanese customers believe that this is no problem, because other beauty salons operation successful. Then we ask the customer whether she knew the data parameters when other beauty salon doing this kind of treatment , the customer did not notice this. So our proposal is when coated with carbon powder she need to coated with a layer of gel as well, the gel can prevent the heating too concentrated and reducing the energy of IPL.


Because the face of the skin tener than the hand or arm,  we also recommend customers make the study on the hands. The result the hands of some red marks, as shown

ND yag laser

After reading this article, if you want to do a similar treatment, we recommend that try and adjust the  energy from 1 level, and higher it one by one until you feel tingling, difficult to accept. If you find something better to try to share, please also contact us.


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